Do you need a stamp duty valuation?

Are you transferring ownership of a property, or changing title details and require a valuation of the property for the State Revenue Office to determine stamp duty?

If so we can help.

Stamp duty is charged by the Victorian government on the transfer of any real estate.

Where a properties ownership has not be transferred by sale in an open market such as through a real estate agents sale, you will be required to accurately determine the fair market value of the property so that the correct amount of stamp duty can be charged.

Whether the property is transferred as a gift, into a superannuation fund, or into another persons name a stamp duty property valuation will be required.

Melbourne Property Valuations undertake stamp duty property valuations throughout Melbourne, and have over 15 years experience with stamp duty valuations.

In the past a real estate agents appraisal could have been used for stamp duty purposes, but the State Revenue Office has changed its requirements to now make it necessary for a sworn valuer to provide an assessment of the property.

We have over 15 years experience providing stamp duty valuations in Melbourne, and provide private clients, conveyancers, solicitors and accountants accurate, detailed written reports for stamp duty calculations.

Most residential stamp duty valuation reports are ready within two days of an inspection and sent to clients via email.

We conduct house valuations, commercial and industrial valuations, retail and rural valuations for stamp duty purposes and can also back date valuation reports when required.

It is also possible to provide stamp duty valuation report where access to the property is not possible.

We provide professional, prompt and accurate valuation reports of the property for stamp duty purposes.

As with most other valuations types, we need to inspect the property, and will take notes, photos and measurements of all improvements.

Once an inspection has been undertaken, you will receive a detailed written report that you can forward to the state revenue office as evidence of the properties value.

Most properties will be valued at the date of transfer, but we can also value the property at any retrospective date you request if required.

If we are required to value the property at a date in the past you will need to confirm the state of the property at that date, and if it’s condition has changed from the inspection.

Like with many other valuations, we can also if required undertake a stamp duty valuation with having access to the property. If access is not possible the valuer will inspect the property from the road and takes notes and photos from there. They will then look for information about the property from various sources to help determine all relevant aspects about the property.

Depending on what the valuer is able to find out, you may need to provide some information in regards to the internal condition, features, fittings etc. This will be confirmed with you by the valuer whilst the valuation is being undertaken.

Being able to physically inspect the property will not affect the validity of the report as long as the valuer is diligent in their work and provides a high quality report.

If you have any further questions in regards to stamp duty valuations, or would like to arrange a quote or valuation please call us, or fill out our online enquiry form and we will promptly reply.



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