Are you looking for an immigration property valuation?

Melbourne Property Valuation provides prompt, accurate and experienced immigration property valuation reports across Melbourne and surrounding areas.

We provide clients with high quality immigration property valuation reports for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

All valuers have extensive immigration property valuation experience, and understand the Immigration Departments requirements relating to property valuation reports.

If you are in the process of applying for citizenship, or undergoing the immigration process you may be required to have any property you currently own professionally valued for immigration property valuation purposes.

Melbourne Property Valuation provides expert evidence as to the value of your property at the current date, or anytime in the past that you may require as requested by the Immigration Department, Foreign Investment Review Board and Australian Taxation Office.

We provide reports to private clients directly, as well as immigration agents.

Immigration property valuation reports are conducted in a similar manner to most other valuations. The main difference being the Immigration Departments common requirement to have the property valued as at multiple dates ie: 30/06/2017 and 30/06/2018.

When undertaking an immigration property valuation it is important that it is confirmed with valuer the date or dates the property needs to be valued at, and if there have been any changes to the property between the dates, or from when the valuer inspects the property.

Valuation reports have a similar format to most others, and contain information about the subject property, comparable sales, current market conditions and an assessment for the subject properties value as at the date or dates required.

Most immigration property valuations are completed within two days for residential properties, and within three to four days for commercial, industrial or retail properties.

We can also conduct a valuation of your property for immigration purposes where access to the property is not possible.

In this instance, the valuer will usually conduct a kerbside inspection by driving past the property, conduct their own offsite investigations as to the properties size, condition, layout and features and may require some information from you as the client depending on the specific nature of the property and information available to the valuer.

How ever the valuation is conducted, as a client you will receive a detailed and high quality report that is suitable for the Immigration Department.

It should be noted that a real estate agents appraisal of a property is not acceptable, and that only licensed property valuers such as Melbourne Property Valuation can provide an assessment of a properties value as part of any immigration application.

If you have any question in regards to a valuation of a property for immigration purposes feel free to contact us for further information and an obligation free quote.



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