Would You Like To Know About Centrelink Property Valuation Reports?

Melbourne Property Valuation provide expert Centrelink property valuation reports.

To be exempt from having the property being included in any asset assessment the property must be on as single title, no land on the property can be used for commercial purposes, and land over two hectares surround a dwelling may be assessed separately to the main dwelling and 2 hectares directly surrounding it.

Centrelink has the ability to make their own estimates of your property, and also use government valuers to determine a property’s value when required.

If you are in dispute with Centrelink in regards to the value of your property/s we can provide you with a valuation report to be used as part of the dispute resolution process.

You also need to be aware that making improvements to your property that increase it’s value give you an obligation to inform Centrelink, and they may reassess the value of your property. An example of this may be an extension, renovation or addition of an inground pool.

Asset tests can have a significant impact on the value of your property and we have had numerous clients who have requested valuation of their properties to challenge a Centrelink assessment.

As with our other valuations, for a Centrelink property valuation we will come out and inspect your property in detail, and take photos, notes and measure up all the improvements.

You will receive a detailed written report with relevant sales evidence and your properties current market value as assessed by our experienced property valuers.

All our valuers have extensive valuation experience and understand our clients needs in regards to Centrelink valuations.

If you would like any further information, or to arrange a valuation of your property for asset test purposes please contact us on the supplied phone numbers, or use our online contact form and we will reply promptly with a quote and any further information you may require.



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