Would you like some information about property valuations in general ?

Melbourne Property Valuation provides high quality and fully independent property valuation reports. All our valuers are expert fully certified practising valuers registered with the Australian Property Institute, and each one has a minimum 15 years valuation experience .

Finding a property valuer to undertake a valuation for you can be daunting, and having to trust a stranger with the important task of valuing what could be your most valuable asset is sometimes difficult.

We specialise in independent house valuations throughout Melbourne. All property valuers have grown up in Melbourne, worked full time in Melbourne as house valuation experts and understand the property market here. House valuations are the most common form of property valuation, but being the most common type of property valuation does not always make it the simplest.

Melbourne Property Valuation is committed to providing the highest quality valutaion reports and service to both private clients and regular allied professional clients such as accountants, solicitors and financial planners etc.

Every property valuation we undertake is different.

Every client is different, no two properties are exactly the same, and the background surrounding the purpose for the valuation is also always slightly different. We understand this, and treat every client with the respect and care they deserve, with the goal of having a happy client, and hopefully ongoing or referral property valuation work.

Can you truly provide an independent property valuation in Melbourne?

Yes is the answer. We are not real estate agents, mortgage brokers or anything else. All property valuers have always worked as property valuation experts and  have no links, agreements, or relationship with any business.

We are solely in business to provide expert house valuation advice and property valuations in Melbourne.

Is there anything I should look or ask for when choosing a property valuer?

The obvious answer if of course yes. When looking for a Melbourne property valuer to undertake a property valuation we suggest you ask about the details of the actual valuer who will be undertaking the valuation, their experience and exactly what you can expect to receive from them in a report. With Melbourne Property Valuation you can speak directly to the valuer before the valuation is undertaken, at the inspection, and also afterwards. There are no secretaries or managers to cover for our valuers.

The cost of a property valuation matters, and it’s just human nature to want the cheapest price, but it needs to be kept in mind that people who are well regarded in their field are usually busy, have a much better idea than you about what is a fair price to pay for a property valuation, and want to provide you with a high quality service to keep their reputation strong.

Just asking for a price without asking about the items mentioned above is a recipe for disappointment in far to many cases.

It’s not simply a case that because two people are qualified in the same field it means that you can expect to receive the same level service or advice. This is true for all professions, especially where the lowest price is the only attraction to using one business.

Do you ever say no to clients?

Yes, it happens. Either we are to busy to provide what we feel is the service a client requires in an appropriate time frame, the valuation requirements are outside of our scope of expertise, or if we feel the client is not being honest about their situation and requirements, then we will decline to provide a quote or valuation.

Anything else I should know about a property valuation Melbourne?

There is further information on our website in regards to the qualifications a property valuer must have and hold, and also different terms that mean the same thing ie: sworn valuer and certified valuer if you need it.

We suggest filling out our online contact form or calling us to discuss a property valuation if you have any questions.

There is no obligation and a few minutes on the phone may save you lots of time and stress.

Some further information about the process of obtaining a valuation is detailed below:

The valuation process starts with confirming the details of the property you would like valued and just as importantly the reason for the valuation.

Firstly we need to discuss with you the details about the property (or properties) that you would like valued and the reason for the valuation.  We are looking to confirm if its a residential property, a commercial property, rural property etc. and some basic details about why you require a valuation. The process look like this;

  1. Confirm the property type and address
  2. Understand the purpose of the valuation, and also who the report is to be used by
  3. Provide you with a quote and timeframe for completion of the report
  4. Confirm who to address the report to, and also where all correspondence should be sent
  5. Arrange an inspection of the property, either directly through a supplied contact number or a managing agent if required
  6. Conduct an inspection of the property, which usually takes 20-30 minutes for a residential dwelling
  7. Discuss any aspects of the valuation process with you at the inspection
  8. Email you an invoice which we ask is paid prior to the report being released
  9. Complete the report, which is usually 2-3 working days for a typical residential property and purpose
  10. Send you any other relevant parties the property valuation report via email

Thank you for reading to the end of the page, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us for obligation free information and a quote.



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