Real Estate Valuer

Are you looking for a real estate valuer?

It is important to understand that a real estate agent is not a real estate valuer, and vice versa a real estate valuer is not a real estate agent.

Each profession specialises in a particular field and a real estate valuer, who is more commonly known as a licenced or sworn property valuer, is someone who is professionally qualified and registered as a property valuer and acts an an independent and impartial expert who determines the value of real estate/property.

A real estate valuer is a member of the Australian Property Institute and usually specialises in a particular area of property valuation. Some property valuers undertake mortgage valuations, whilst others may practice family law property valuations, commercial property valuations, or rural property valuations.

There is a wider range or property valuation fields than almost anyone outside of the field understands, and as most of the public does not use a property valuer regularly, there can be some confusion as to their qualifications and even their role in the property industry.


Why not just use a real estate agent – and the best part is they are free?

A real estate agents role is primarily to help vendors sell property, and all of their activities revolve around this. They may try to wear different hats, but they have to earn an income so property sales are the focus. Anything to help them achieve sales may be used, but they are not there to provide fully independent and unbiased opinions. Anything offered for free usually comes with string attached.

That is the role of a real estate valuer who does nothing other than work in the role of providing expert and fully independent property valuation advice to clients. This advice may be for simple and relatively straight forward reason, or may be used to help settle disputes or as expert witness evidence in court or mediation.

A real estate valuer is a specialised field, and Melbourne Property Valuation only uses valuers who have more than fifteen years experience to ensure you receive the highest quality advice and service.



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