Are you thinking of buying or selling a home?

A pre sale or pre purchase property valuation can help you make the right decisions.

A pre sale or pre purchase property valuation can help you make to correct decision and provides peace of mind that the choices you make are right.

Real estate is most people’s largest asset, and ensuring you get the best possible price, or don’t pay more than you need to is every clients aim when buying or selling a home.

Melbourne Property Valuation provides pre sale and pre purchase valuation advice to a wide variety of clients, and provides professional and independent advice and reports to help you understand the real value of the property.

Pre Sale Valuations

Clients contact us usually either prior to having real estate agents come out to the property so that they have our independent opinion to help them determine if the agents are being honest or not, or otherwise clients have had a number of agents out to the property, and are then given a wide range of figures by the agents.

In this situation it can be very hard to tell which, if any of the agents is correct, and having someone who is completely independent of the sale process come out is very helpful.

A pre sale valuation of your property starts with an appointment to come out and undertake an inspection of your property. Next, we come out for the actual inspection, which takes around 30 minutes for the average property.

At the inspection we will measure up all the improvements, take photos and extensive notes as the the condition, layout and features of the property.

A detailed written report is usually ready two days after the property has been inspected which details the property we have valued, sales evidence, market conditions and other factors which we consider relevant when assessing the value of the property.

We will provide you with a single figure that we think the property can be sold for in the current market within a three month period.

This figure may be used to set a reserve at auction or otherwise a minimum price as part of a private sale.

Pre Purchase Valuations

Are you unsure of what is a fair price to pay for the property in the current market? Melbourne Property Valuation can help you with expert and completely independent property advice.

We undertake pre purchase valuations over a wide range of properties across Melbourne, and have the experience required to help you with your property buying decisions. Whether it is a one bedroom flat, standard house, development site, beach box or anything else, we have the ability to help you determine the correct price to pay for the property.

We undertake pre purchase valuations on properties listed for sale by real estate agents, between friends or family members, for superannuation funds, or really anyone that requires our services.

As with our pre sale valuations, we will fully inspect the property, take photos, extensive notes and measure all of the improvements to help to help us determine the value for the property.

You will receive a detailed written report and have the ability to discuss the valuation and property directly with the valuer.

At the inspection we can also answer any questions you may have about the pre sale or pre purchase property valuation process, the current state of the property market, or maybe any suggested improvements to your property before it is placed on the market.

We can also provide you with an “on completion” valuation of the property if you are considering improvements to the property prior to selling it. In this situation you can advise us as to the improvements you will be undertaking, and we can incorporate these in our valuation assessment.

Once the inspection has been completed, the valuer will assess your property, investigate and analyse recent comparable sale of similar properties in the immediate area and ultimately determine a figure that they think the property can be sold for in the current market within a reasonable time frame (usually 90 days).

The valuation report will be sent out to you two days after the inspection, and you have the ability to contact the valuer directly if you have any further questions in regards to your property or the valuation of it. Many clients find a pre sale valuation very helpful, and have a lack of trust in real estate agents providing honest and accurate advice.

If you have any further questions in regards to a pre sale or pre purchase property valuation feel free to contact us where you can speak directly to a valuer and discuss your situation, and how we can help you.



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