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Would You Like To Know About a House Valuation?

Melbourne Property Valuation can provide you with a prompt, accurate house valuation across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Every valuer has over 15 years experience with Independent House Valuations in Melbourne.

We provide clients with high quality house valuation reports across Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

All valuers have extensive residential Melbourne property valuation experience, are current fully registered members of the Australian Property Institute with Certified Practicing Valuer status and have a minimum of 15 years full time valuation experience.

You may need a Melbourne house valuation for any number of reasons, and we can help you with advice as to the process and what you with recieve with a property valuation report.

Technology has allowed for the online assessments of properties, and the provision of detailed information of most properties in Australia, but it has not replaced the need for an experienced property valuer to conduct a full house valuation that includes an inspection of the property, assessment of recent sales, and application of expert knowledge to accurately assess a properties current value.

Clients rely on a house valuation to make important personal decisions that may include buying, selling, renting or transferring ownership.

Melbourne Property Valuation provides prompt, accurate and professional house valuation reports of all types of residential properties.

House valuations are undertaken in the same way as most other valuations, with a detailed inspection being undertaken by the valuer as a starting point.

Recent sales evidence of similar type properties are analysed and included in the report, as well as the valuer assessing your properties specific attributes compared to the recent sales. The current state of the property market is also factored into our assessment.

If you have any questions in regards to a house valuation in Melbourne please call our valuers for an obligation free discussion, or use our online contact form and we will promptly reply with a quote and any further information you require.


All of our valuers hold full and unrestricted current certified practising valuer (CPV) status with the API and each has a minimum of 15 years valuation experience.



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