How much does a property valuation cost?

Without doubt one of the first questions we get asked by prospective clients is how much does a property valuation cost?

This can even be before there is any discussion about the property they want valued, why it’s to be valued, our experience valuing similar properties or even what you may receive from the valuer.

Whilst we understand that no client want to pay more than necessary for a valuation, it is important to understand that whilst you may talk to a number of valuers to obtain quotes, just because they have a similar qualifications, it does not mean you may receive a similar end result.

A simple way to look at this is by asking – are all lawyers going to do the same job for me regardless of the cost, or is the local plumber who charges the cheapest going to provide a similar service as one who charges a bit more. Is the person who quotes the cheapest price good at their job, and how can they do this when everyone else charges more?

There are obvious answers to this, and the usual response may be along the lines that good people charge a fair rate, are busy, and will not chase any single client for work by offering a cut price service.

There is no fixed fee for valuers like most professions, so you may receive a wide range of quotes. Property valuation fees will vary depending on the type of property to be valued, the reason for the valuation, the type of report required and also if the property has to be valued retrospectively or at multiple dates.

To help you choose a value we suggest you ask about the experience the valuer has conducting the valuation, the type report you will receive, and their past experience in the area and valuing for the purpose you require.

If you would like to discuss valuation fees you are welcome to contact us.

There is no obligation, and you may gain some further information to help you choose a valuer.


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