Domain Property Valuer

Are you searching for a domain property valuer?

Many clients are confused with the terms used for a property valuer, and may search for terms that are a little out of the usual.

Real estate valuations are conducted by certified practicing valuers who must be licensed with the Australian Property Institute.

All property valuers must maintain current membership which includes ongoing professional development.

Property valuers have been called in the past sworn valuers which relates to swearing in a legal sense, a domain property valuer, property evaluators, house evaluators and property evaluators.

All theses terms relate to one single professional – a certified practicing valuer (CPV) who is registered with the Australian Property Institute (API).

Valuation reports will include a registration number to certify a property valuers registration. ie John Doe 61234 CPV (API.)

So if you are looking for a Melbourne property valuation is is worthwhile understanding that whilst there are means terms used for a property valuer, they all mean the same thing.

A domain property valuer is really just a CPV registered with the API who can provide you with idepanct property valuation advice.

We are not real estate agents, leasing agents, mortgage brokers or anything else and specialises in property independent property valuation advice that you can rely on.


If you have any further questions regards in domain property valuer feel free to contact us for further information.





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