Independent property valuations

Independent property valuations are provided by registered or licensed property valuers.

Clients who use our services understand the need to have truly independent property advice when making important decisions, and that the relatively small cost of a house valuation is insignificant when it comes to the value of the property and making the correct decisions with it.

Real estate agents are always bombarding you with offers for a free appraisal, and this is done to try and generate sales leads. The generation of new listings is the hardest part of a real estate agents job, not the selling.  To help with the generation of new listings they will provide you with information and an appraisal of the properties value, and fall over themselves to do it.

Unfortunately the figure provided may be influenced by the need to try and gain an owners property listing, and most client realise that an agent’s opinion is not truly independent or always accurate.

That is where we come in providing independent property valuations.

Clients are provided with an agreed fixed price fee, and the valuers role is to provide truly independent property valuation advice that is not coloured by any ulterior motives.

After many years experience, it has never changed, and clients almost always just want the same thing, information they can rely on.

Pre sale and pre purchase valuations are a major reason for an independent property valuation, along with divorce and family law property settlements, estate settlements and inter family sales where one family member wishes to buy the property of other family member who also own a share.

We have discussed on some of our other website pages what a property valuer is, how they work and what you will receive from them when you ask for a property valuation.

We suggest that if you are interested in a house valuation, or any other type of property valuation you ask any valuer you are considering using their experience and registration details, how long a report will, what type of report will you receive and have they valued many properties in the area like yours recently.

I hope have found this post about independent property valuations is useful, and if you have any question feel free to contact us.


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