House Valuation Melbourne

The most common form of property valuation is a house valuation Melbourne.

As local property valuers in Melbourne we conduct a number of house valuations each and every week. With over 1.8 million separate dwellings in Melbourne there is always a range of clients requiring a valuation.

We do get asked by clients why not just use a local real estate agent or an online valuation website to find out the value of our property? Surely it will be similar.

Unfortunately it not usually the case.

With a real estate agent you may get a very accurate assessment of your properties value, but you will never be quite sure if the figure they have provided is actually fair and reasonable, or if they are trying to flatter you and are looking for a listing.

The online valuation sites can provide a reasonably accurate valuation in areas where it’s very generic ie: Cranbourne, as the properties will all fall within a small range. But the website cannot see in the internal condition of your property, the external features likes pergolas, pools etc and rely on a very generic mathematical assessment.

They also provide annual or quarterly price changes, but these can be even more inaccurate, and we regularly see examples where one suburb has risen 30% in a year and the adjoining and very similar suburb has only risen five percent. This is obviously incorrect, and can be swayed by the type of properties sold in the time period, whether or not the agents have reported all of their sales, and if they have selectively non reported others.

So a house valuation by a professional and independent valuer is the only way to ensure you are receiving accurate information and advice you can rely on.

A house valuation Melbourne will provide you an accurate assessment of a properties value and provide you with the correct information to make decisions with.


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